Long time no see

Excuse my absence but I have been extremely busy these last couple of weeks!! I did not expect the amount of work I would have coming here haha... Anyways the first project is now finished and I can sleep on regular hours for a while again. i've had my first exam in history during this time, I only made one mistake, woho!! The test wasn't very difficult, just had to remember what centuary and millenia everything happend and some special features for certain periods or people. The last days before presentation on the project I spent all day and most of the night in the studio working on my drawings. The night before I actually never went to bed... Ofcourse the scanner gave away black stripes all over my drawings but I had no time to change that and my layout was just some last minute thing! Glad I atleast had something to present :) The presentation wasn't really what I expected. As I'm used to in Sweden we usually talk for about 10-15 min and then the crits ask questions and give feedback. Here I could only talk for five(!) minutes and then ca 10 min of feedback, basically no questions! I got very good response but was very nervous when presenting. 
During the weeks I've also joined a club "for real". It's called Vis Viva Dance club and I'm in two of their groups, one is doing jazz/modern and the other one hip hop. I missed last week's rehearsal cause I went to Niagra Falls with the Global Office and other exchange students! It was very nice and powerful. We went on the boat tour called Made of the Mist and before boarding everyone was given a plastic raincoat and it was good cause we literally went into the falls! It was like being in the middle of a massive rainstorm haha but not everyone can say they've been showering in the Niagra Falls so it was definitly worth it! We had great luck with the weather as well, sunny and hot. During the visit we crossed the border to Canada and looked at the falls from that side as well as checking out this street close to the falls where it was like a mini-vegas. Lots of funny places, casinos and restaurants. We came back to RIT at about 16.30 and I went to buy some food and then spent the rest of the evening in the studio. 
Today I woke up early to go to Buffalo and a famous building by a famous architect called Frank Lloyd Wright with my class. We left RIT at about 8.30 and arrived just in time for our tour at 10. The house was very beautiful and so carefully made with lots of details and thought. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures inside but got some of the exterior, which wasn't as pretty... We stayed a bit after the tour and then went to a pub to have lunch. We were suppose to go to another building at 15 but the pub was very slow making our food so our teacher called the company that owns the house and sorted out so we can come back another time. Instead we went to an art museum nearby for an hour or so and then back! 
Next week we'll start with our next project and on Friday we are going to NYC :D I'm super excited and really have to do some research on what to see when there. If you know anything we should see, do or try please tell me! Also, please tell me if there is something you want me to write about or let me know if the things I write about are interesting at all ;) 
See ya!
Fasader, med svarta linjer...
Min plan över naturcentret, lite otydligt!


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