Back to school

Monday: My day begun with arcitectural history with the first year's students of the Architect program. Our teacher is Giovanna and she is Italian(!) and she is a very pleaseant woman. She speaks slowly which suits me cause then you can listen properly and write everything down. We went through the syllabus and what areas we will cover in history. I'm most excited about the last bits, it'll be about the Gothic age and I'm very faschinated in those kind of buildings. After the lesson which ended before ten, I was free for 3 hours so I just relaxed and waited for my next lesson at 13 which was architectural studio: site. Jules teaches that class and so he went over what projects we will have during the fall, some criterias and let everyone introduce themselves. This class is the second year students of the architect program. We were three new ones and in the class there are only three Americans! The rest are from different parts of the world. The lesson only lasted for one or two hours and we got a homework. Yes, you get homeworks in America when you're at uni haha... Cannot remeber if I did anything during the evening, hung out with friends probably!
Tuesday: Today I had Furniture elective at 8 am. We were only about 7 people, which I hope it stays that way! I sat next to a guy from Hawaii and he was very curious about Sweden, he's probably never seen snow so the winter will be exciting for him. The teacher gave us a tour around the studio, which basically is back to woodworking class! He talked a btít about wood as a material and gave us an assignment of sketching 5 different kitchen utensils for Tuesday. Still working on it.. That lesson didn't last long either so sat down and did some sketching before I went to see Roberley who is a teacher here. I met her in Sweden last year so she wanted to catch up and see how I'd been doing. She gave me some tips on where to go during my stay and also said she would speak to some students who wanted to meet new people. After that I had lunch and then my next lesson started at 14. This was the drawing class and as everyone else the teacher, Lanna, went over the syllabus, what material we would need and then we did a few exercises. During the evening I went to the gym, it's a very big one and has lots of equipment and then relaxed/did some homework before bed.
Wednesday: History again, this time Giovanna spoke about Mesopotamia and the first civilazation. After the lesson I did some more homework, had lunch and then I'd studio site again. This time we went to a park called Mendon Ponds Park and it's about 20 min from RIT. We are creating a nature center/meeting place integrated in the landscape so we walked around the park to get to know it. It was really hot and sunny, not the perfect day for a two hours hike in a park! Got back at 16/17 something, had dinner and then Sarah and I went to South Town Plaza (a shopping area) to get some art supplies for my drawing lesson. She also had to leave her computer for service and then we went to Wegmans, which is a local food chain in Rochester. Came back around 20.30 and did some homework before bed.
Thursday: Today I had my first lesson at 14! So I did some homework before that. The lesson was drawing and we tried out the things we bought and practised on drawing what one sees and not what one knows, don't know if you get it.. We drew things on a table and did one thing that is called gesture drawing and one contour drawing. Gesture is quick, sketchy drawing with lots of lines while contour is more focused one single lines. It was fun though and I'm looking forward to improve my skills in drawing. In the evening we had a short meeting with Olivia, our RA who asked us how we felt about the corridor etc. I went to the gym and then bed.
Friday: History again and this time a lecture about the Egyptians. Homework between lessons and then we went to the park again to do some surveying and talking in groups. My group was Blair, Jimmy and one more guy, can't rembember his name... We walked around to see if we could find a good spot for the nature center but didn't really get anywhere. The surveying part was new. We used a tool, don't know the name of it but it measures the topography of a site. Basically what you do is one or two people has a long stick with numbers on it and they will stand quite far away from you. One person looks into some kind of binocular and will then see three lines and of course the stick. Each line will "lay" on a number and this number you should write down plus an angle. When collected all three numbers the stick people move a few meters and the proccess begins again. It took us about 1,5 h to do. When all the groups had tried the tool I went with three of the Chinese people to Wegmans to buy food for a potluck(knytkalas) at Blair's house. We arrived at Blair's around 18 and there were a few professors and other students from the Architecture program there. We ate and got to know eachother. It was really nice! I would have stayed longer but since it was far away from RIT I had to go when my ride left at 20ish. When I came back Nellie, Gustav and I went to play frisbee with our Indian friend Varnit. We stayed out until 23 and then headed for bed.
Sathurday: We woke up at 10.30 aand got dressed etc. Around 13 Nellie, Gustav and I caught the bus to South Town Plaza. We discovered there was a second hand shop so spent a lot of time in there! They had so many things :D Will definitly go back there soon. We also went to Dollar Tree, a halloween shop (which was hilarious) and some other shops before we walked to Marketplace Mall. In there is a game arcade which Gustav and Nellie discovered when I was in a shop. When I joined them we tried out guitar hero and a dance game. It was a cool place but very loud! I would not be able to spend too much time in there... When we came back the time was 19ish so bought some smoothies and then I headed to the gym for a quick session. When I finished there was a glow party just outside our building but unfortunately it close only 30 min after we'd arrived. We called Gustav cause he was at a party near his building and so we went there together with two others. When we entered someone yelled "The Swedish people!!" haha happy to see us I guess. In the small apartment was maybe 20-30 people, probably all Americans. They had the red cups you see in the movie! We played some games and spoke to a few of the people. One thing is for sure, Americans are sooo loud!! I left at 1 along with one of the people we came with. Hopefully not the last party I went to!
Sunday: Woke up at 10, ate and then i skyped with mum and then dad until lika 15.30. After that I really had to study and finish my homework!! Still haven't finished all of it but I have a few hours tomorrow. Next week will probably be busier than this one, hope I can manage! It's been a while since I had this many classes at the same time, it sure is a juggling of time... 
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The park
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