Scotland trip two day 1,2,3

In the beginning of March I travelled to Scotland for my second time, yey!! This time I wasn't going to be all alone, only for a few days :) I arrived around 2 pm and after checking into my hostel I went for a walk in a sunny Edinburgh. Visited a food shop called Real Foods(?) where I bought some ingredients to make dinner. On my way back I found an art installation in St Andrew's park with hundreds of lightbulbs that changed colour, really pretty! (First picture)Made a proper dinner later which took me a while so wasn't really a point in going out after that.
The following day I asked a girl in the reception for some nice places for a day out. She told me about a small coast town called North Berwick, only 30 min from Edinburgh so jumped onto the train and spent my day exploring. There was a smaller mountain situated in the town and as the curious person I am I just had to climb it! The view was spectacular and I also met some cute ponies along the way :) I came back to Edinburgh, bought some more food and then cooked another delicious dinner! I just happend to turn into a masterchef those two nights haha... Went for an evening stroll that night if I remember correctly before heading to bed. The hostel I stayed at is called High Street Hostel and was very good! Excellent location and lovely staff so can highly recommend it(along with every other hostel I've stayed at^^).
Next day I checked out and walked to the hostel I booked for not only myself but Lisa and Natalia as well. The lady in the reception told me my room wasn't ready so headed out. The weather was sunny although a bit chilly so I did what I had been thinking of doing the first time I came to Edinburgh. Climb Arthur's seat! Another mountain :D It probably took me about 30-40 min before reaching the top and it was windy. VERY windy. Like you-can't-stand-up-straight-without-fall-and-die windy! So couldn't really appreciate the view as much as the day before :/ But was pleased I did it! When I finally came down I went back to the hostel but she told me my room still wasn't ready, so had lunch and then went out again. Visited a small museum and bought a scone+tea in a adorable tea room. After that it was time to meet up Ylva at the train station. She is a Swedish au pair living near London but use to live near Cambs and she was joining us as well although she stayed in another hostel. We went to her hostel but the guy in the reception wasn't there so we waited about 10,15 min and then walked to my hostel and I finally got my room(it was now around 4,5 pm, was suppose to get the room at 2...). After checking in we went to Calton Hill to watch the sun set but we kind of missed it :/ After that we found an Italian resturant where we had dinner and pudding. We had to stay awake until 11.30 pm cause that was when Lisa and Natalia would arrive so we took a ghost tour in the underground vaults. Our guide was really funny and I loved his accent(Scottish). The tour wasn't as scary as I thought it would be but when the guide blew the light out in one of the most haunted rooms in the world I could feel a chill running down my back! When they eventually arrived it was bedtime!
Selfie Sofie!
I love the smell of the sea! Missed it :)
Massive rain cloud coming in...
Greyfriard's bobby, the dog who guarded his owner's grave for 14 years after his death, now that's loyalty!
Oh Edinburgh you are wonderful!
Our gigantic sundaes!
Spot any lost souls?
Our guide :)