First New Zealand post!

Hello from the other side!
I know I shouln't complain but I'm boiling from the heat over here, it's about 30 c now and sunny, too hot too be outside for long and very hot indoors due too lack of AC. But well it's certainly nice to have summer again :) Our journey went well with only minor delays and surprisingly little jetlag! Our flight left at 07.10 from Copenhagen on the 17th of January, did a 3 hour stopover in London and then 12 hours later we landed in Singapore where we spent one day. It took us some time to get away from the airport as we were trying to find luggage storage and people kept sending us back and forth between the terminals. We manage to get into the centre at about 10.30. We were very optimistic thinking we would be there at 08.30.. We started exploring Chinatown where we ate a rice and chicken dish from a very run down place. It was really cheap and very tasty! Then we walked further and found a huge food court but by then we were obvisouly already full. We bought some juice anyway and checked all the strange foods. At the market we found a fruit stand where we bought a fruit I've never seen but Micke loved it so he bought 1 kg which we ate straight away. It's called mangosteen and was very good! After that we walked towards the seafront and the bay of gardens. It's a big park with with museum, children's waterpark, different plants and big "fake" trees. We went up the trees to enjoy the view, it felt way higher than when you were on the ground. We then walked to another foodcourt to fins food. Unfortunately half of the stands where closed as it was a Chinese holiday. When finished we felt quite ready to go back to the airport so on our way to the metro we stopped to check out a shopping mall where they had gondoles and a small stream of water, very peculiar! The flight left at 20, did a stopover in Kuala Lumpur and then Auckland via Gold Coast in Australia. 
We arrived to Auckland at 18 o clock and found our way into the centre and our flat. It was a nice and warm evening :) We stayed in a flat with three bedrooms in total. No one lived in the other two so we had the whole place to ourselves the whole weekend :) It was located right at a big crossing and near a motorway but also walking distance to most places. During the weekend we explored Auckland by climbing Mt Eden, an old volcano, swim in a pond with muddy bottom (it was a bit gross) and a nice beach, walked around in park which looked like a jungle and more. 
Monday 20th we flew to Christchurch on the south island and left our bags at the accommodation. Then we walked into the city centre which, to be honest, was not much to see. We went to the bank to book an appointment, had some lunch, took a powernap in a park and did some grocery shopping. The accomodation was/is in a couple's house. They have 6 cats and a bunch of chickens. There is also a German couple staying here but they are going back home after a year of travelling around NZ. The days has mostly gone by with preparing and fixing stuff for our coming adventure. We opened up bank accounts, got phone numbers, bought a car and cleaning the car. We've also gone to the beach a few times. The water is really nice, probably 20-22 degrees. Today we will visit the botanical gardens with the German couple and fix some stuff with the car. We are staying in Christchurch until wednesday, then we will have a small roadtrip down to Dunedin where we will stay at a B&B and work for them a few hours per day for free accomodation and food. Micke has been there before so he knows the people. After that we don't have anything planned. We will probably go to the west coast and do some camping, visit some friends in Wanaka and perhaps apply for a job. 
Thanks for reading!