Visitors from the North

Last Wednesday my dad and Maja come to visit me, it was really nice to see them again and I had a hard time focusing on school Thursday and Friday when I knew they were here... I met them at the station around 8 pm, we went back, had a snack and then off to bed.
Following day I was up at 7.30 to go to school and met up with them later in the evening to have dinner at a resturant called "The Rose Garden" where they had a giant buffé of asian food, really tasty! We had dinner with the lady who collected my keys for me when I wasn't able to do it and she was very talkative and nice. Back to the flat afterwards where we relaxed and chatted.
Next day dad went food shopping for me while I was studying, yeyy :D Got loads of food now so will manage quite a while! When he came back he soon left again to visit Friskis&Svettis, the organization he works for but here in Malmö. I finished my work, had lunch with Maja and then we went to school to hand in my job and then a short visit to Turning Torso(famous building here). Later we took the bus to meet dad in town, where we rented a movie. Tonight we made dinner at home and I realised that my attempt to connect my new computer to the tv to watch the movie from there, failed. I forgot that I don't have a CD player in my new laptop and my old one doesn't have a HDMI hole which is needed to connect the two... So we found the movie online and could therefor watch it anyway on the telly! Atleast we contributed to maintain the rental movie shops hehe...
Saturday we woke up early to catch the train to Copenhagen. I hadn't been there yet so it was all new to me as well. We started off being very Swedish with a meal at Max(Swedish hamburger place) and then we visited the Guiness world's record museum and a new place called something with Mystery Exploitar(?) which was kind of like a horror house. After that we eventually found a place to grab a fika and then Tivoli! That day was the first day of their Christmas season so thousands of lights lit up the buildings and trees and small cottages drenched in fake snow everywhere. It was so cosy and it really gave me some Christmas spirit! Highly recommend a visit! We stayed for about 3 hours and then went back home.
Yesterday(Sunday) we woke up at about 10.20 in the morning(!) and didn't really have time to do much except packing and going into town for the airport shuffle. As always I hate saying goodbye but I know I will see them and everyone else in just a couple of weeks so I'm hanging in there ;) Thanks for reading, now pictures:
This man ate metal, among things he ate was 18 bikes and 2 smaller planes.... Why?