First week finished!

I managed to get through the first week, woho! This is basically what we have been doing so far:
Monday: Made quick drawings of people in the room and drawing faces without looking at the paper.
Tuesday: Drawing cubes and people and then experimenting with the shapes of them to create another picture.
Wednesday: Folding prismas, globes and envelopes in paper, making dot to dot drawings(a thousand dots!!).
Thursday: Work in pairs to translate two short texts about the architect Palladio in English and Italian.
Friday: Visit at a cemetery where we had to take notes and make sketches. 
It is very fun but a lot harder than it sounds! Especially folding the paper since our teacher saw every little mistake, had to be very precise.. During the evenings the older students arranged activities for the new ones so we have been walking through the city centre, competed against the other classes(we won!), had a barbeque and tonight was a fancy dinner plus party afterwards but I was to lazy to go, maybe next time :)
Tomorrow my plans are to, hopefully, wake up a decent time, go into town and visit some second hand shops and perhaps buy a bike if I can find a okey one! There is a jumbo sale in one of the parks so might go there as well but bet it will be crowded!
Here are some photos of my flat, which I'm growing more fond of each day :)

That's all for now, hejdååå