Ireland day 5 and 6

Finally my story continues hehe!
On Wednesday I caught the bus to the small village of Blarney where the famous Blarney Castle is situated. I began with climbing the small and slippery stairs up to the top of the castle where you can kiss the Blarney stone which is said to give you the gift of gab(something like you will be a better charmer). To kiss the stone you have to lie on your back, hold on to two bars and lean back. I got a climpse of the ground when I did it and it was very high!!(30 m) After that I took a walk around the gardens/surroundings which was very pretty and I met this Irish lady who started talking to me and complimented me for my English. In school my English was average, I wasn't the best in my class but when I'm here everyone is telling me how excellent my English is haha! Take that English teacher ;D Guess I improved a bit as well... Anyway, after my walk I went to a café/big shop called Blarney Mill where I ate a scone and drank some tea, love scones! After a small accident in the shop, including me and about ten bags on the floor, I took the bus back to Cork and had some lunch and did some shopping. Later that day I was supposed to meet Susanna for dinner but unfortunately she felt ill so she cancelled. That didn't stop me from going out for dinner though! I went to a resturant called Gourmet Burger where I ordered an Italian burger( with pesto, mozarella and parmaham) plus halloumi cheese and garlic mayo. Yummmmmmiee!
Thursday: Woke up and packed my bag and had my breakfast. I checked out and then went off to discover Cork. I don't know exactly where I went, just around... Visited the university of Cork which was a quite nice place, had a nice sandwhich for lunch and did some window shopping before I went back to the hostel to get my bag and jump onto the bus to the airport. As the time pessimist I am, I was way to early and had to wait about 3 h for my plane! This airport was really small and had a pricey pub and two small shops so was kind of boring... Eventually I boarded the plane and flew back to England! Thank you Ireland for yet another pleasant trip!
The caves under the castle....
The castle is very old, someone from 1893 carved his name! Lots of famous people kissed the stone as well, among them Winston Churchill haha :) so I practically kissed him and millions of other people oh lala
I would love that tree in my garden!
Shopping :D
My burger at the resturant (Y)