What is the worst thing that can happen?

I don't know where to begin writing my thoughts about this year. It has been the most lifechanging, happy, sad, exciting, adventurous, fun year I've had so far in my life(that I can remember) and I've made soooo many wonderful and crazy memories that I'll never forget. But here it goes:
A few years ago I discovered a tv show called "Escape to the country" where an estate agent helped families to find the perfect house in the British countryside. This was the beginning of my British dream. I watched almost every episode and started borrowing books about Britian at the library as well as buy some in different bookshops. United Kingdom was at this point on the top of my travel list and little did I know how good things were going to get. The same year as I graduated school the tought of travelling to the UK and work as an au pair hit me but things got in the way and it wasn't until the year after I started thinking of it seriously. After creating an account on aupairworld, I spoke to several families around the country but I got declined a lot so almost gave up until I found "Jo Farrelly Family". I sent her an email and soon after I recieved a reply from her asking if I wanted to Skype. We did and it was a match make in heaven! We had a lot in common and I think my mind deep down already had decided to accept her request although it took me a few days to actually confirm it. I booked a one way ticket to London and started planning farewell dates with friends and packing lists. I skyped several times with the family and asked them every possible question.
23/8 2013
I was now taking the biggest step of my life - leaving everything I knew to go to a country I'd never been to to stay with people I'd never met. My tears seemed to never end but when they did my nervs took over and when I saw Jo and Sarah standing in the arrival hall I was shaking! During our drive back to the house I calmed down and when in Brampton I settled quite quickly.
I want to thank Jo and Sarah above all. Better family one can only dream of. All those declines were definitly worth it! You have really made sure I've been happy and comfortable at all the times and I have always felt safe with you. You've helped me in so many ways as well as discover more about myself, which I am ever so grateful for. I have no doubt that we will stay in contact in the future since I now count you as my third family! Thank you for sharing your home and your hearts with me, I will carry it with me forever!
Before I took the step to go to England I'd tried to live according to the qoute "You have to dare to win", even though this was only with small things in my life. After this journey I can definitly say that I do and will continue doing it because it is so true! I'm so proud of myself for fulfilling one of my dreams. It has given me new perpectives of things and changed me in many ways. It hasn't always been easy but I have met such beautiful and inspirational people who helped me along the way. Finally, I want to tell all those people out there with dreams like mine, DARE! What is the worst thing that can happen?
You two are so lovely!
A thousand kisses to everyone I met! Thank you <3