Creative chaos

The headline describes my desk in the studio right now. We are approaching the final weeks which means we have a lot to do, which you might have figured because of my absence on the blog! Sorry for that :) On Monday it's exaclty one month until I go back to Sweden, cannot believe I have been here over three months! Feels like we just arrived :o I'm very happy that I decided to go, I know I would've regret if I didn't since spending a semester in college in America is on my bucketlist(I even have written down!). It's easy to say now that I look forward to going back but I know that when I'm standing at the airport and are about to say goodbye I will cry, cause I always do.. I have met so many new people and if you thought I had a lot of international friends, well now, I have even more!! I literally have friends from every continent apart from Antarctica, which I doubt I'll ever have haha. I will miss them but I hope I'll have time and money to visit them someday. Here are some photos from my past weeks!
Yep it's still fall here haha, altough it's suppose to snow tomorrow!
Self portrait development below! Working from photo and mirror
A yoga event me an my friend Victoria went to!