Ireland day 3 and 4

Monday: After breakfast and getting dressed I went to meet Susanna at the bus station for a day trip to the town of Kinsale which is a 50 min busride from Cork. When we arrived we started with taking a walk towards Charles Fort, an old fort about 4 km from the town center. Unfortunately, the fort was to be closed this week due to restoration work or something but we could still enjoy the very pretty view :) On our walk we met a few road workers, men who were maybe 50-60 years, and they tried to flirt with us, really disgusting! Susanna wanted to go back and teach them a lesson but I stopped her haha! When back in the center we went to a resturant called "Blue Haven" where we ate a delicious hamburger with handcut chips and peppersauce, can really recommend the place. After lunch we strolled around in the town and admired the cute colourful houses and pretty soon we found a sign saying "scenic route" so we went for it and scenic it was! Back in the center we found a small café so we took a fika(Swedish term for coffee break) before we tried to find a chocolate shop Susanna thought she'd seen earlier. Eventually we found it and the man who owned it was so nice and the boxes so cute so we just couldn't resist buying some ;) When he put the boxes together I started comparing the situation with a scene from the movie "Love Actually". The one where Alan Rickman is buying a necklace from Rowan Atkinson and he is carefully preparing the bag with both sweets and flowers. The man in the shop spread extra chocholate hearts into our boxes and but stickers on it and we had a bus to catch so we both felt a bit stressed haha! Fortunately, we were just in time to catch the bus. On the same bus were two of the girls from yesterday's tour. I'd been speaking to them then and just carried on doing that on the bus since Susanna fell asleep. We decided to have dinner together so when I came back to the hostel I took a shower and also had time to wash some of my clothes before I met them. We first went to a place they'd seen earlier but since it was late it was shut so we ended up at a place called Uncle Pete's. I had a pizza with shrimps, anjouvis(?), tomatosauce and mozarella. It was very nice but also extremely salty! Afterwards we walked to my hostel where there was a pub and spent some time there before we all became too tired and went back to our rooms/B&Bs.
Tuesday: Today was Cliff of Moher day for me so woke up quite early to be in time for departure. This time our guide's name was Kevin and the group only consisted of about 8 people.. Anyway, our first stop was in the city of Limerick where one could use the bathroom, buy a snack or enjoy the view over some castle I can't remember the name of. I did everything. Found a shake shop where they made smoothies, milkshakes and hot chocolates so I bought myself an After Eight hot chocolate with cream, chocolate flake and marshmallows(sugarbomb ey?!). It was awesome! Next up was an area called "The Burren" which is a place of MANY acres of land which was once under water and therefore shaped a really cool landscape(see pictures). The next stop was at some cliffs by the coast pointing straight into the ocean so I was careful not to walk to close. Some people even sat on the edge :s After that we drove about 5-10 min to a village called Doolin where we had lunch. I had salmon with vedggies, mashed potato and boiled potato haha. Really tasty but way to much food.... After lunch we finally arrived to the cliffs and we got 1,5 h to walk around and have a look. The weather was with us all day with sunshine and a mild wind so couldn't have been better :) The cliffs were soooo impressive and it's hard to describe with words how it felt to be there, that's something one has to discover by themselves. On the way back we did one more stop at some castle/shop/resturant. In the evening I had pasta for dinner and spent the rest of the evening talking to my Italian room mate/watch some vampire diaries :)
All the signs in Ireland are both in English and Irish.
King James's(?) castle in Limerick.


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