My new favorite; Scotland!

Heeey! I'm back after a AMAZING time in Scotland :D Let me tell you what we did day by day:
Sunday: My train left at 10.19 from Peterborough and arrived about 15.45 in Edinburgh. Made my way to the hostel and pretty soon I met Ellie, from Vegas, and Tim, from Austrailia, whom I started talking with and spent the rest of the evening with. Ellie was coming on the tour with me but Tim had recently got back from his and would leave early the next morning.
Monday: At 8 o'clock me, Ellie, three girls from Thailand, two from Austrailia, one kiwi, one from Brazil, a Chinese family and our tourguide gathered in the minibus which would take us further north. Our first stop was in the small village of Dunkeld where we bought food and walked around a bit to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Next up, an old castle ruin on top of a hill with spectacular views over mountains and forests filled with autumn colours! After that we stopped at Tomatin whisky destilleri and the ones who wanted to try whisky got to do that but I didn't(surprise!). Next up the all so famous Loch Ness! Unfortunately Nessie decided to stay in his cave that day so we did not spot him :( Some of us brought our swimwear just in case but the place we stopped at wasn't very suitable for swimming... And it was cold and rainy and the water was freeeeezing.... Before we arrived to Isle of Skye we stopped at Eilean Donan Castle, which apparently is the second most photographed castle in the world! I didn't get very good pictures though since it was quite dark outside :/ After that we headed off to our final destination, Kyleakin on Isle of Skye! We stayed in a really cosy hostel and our group(12 people) got our own house with fireplace and kitchen :D We spent the evening just talking in front of the fire and then went to bed.
Tuesday: Ellie and I woke up early to be able to watched the sunrise but even though we went outside at 06.45 we missed it :( After breakfast we all jumped omboard the bus for a day on the island! We stopped on several location, one more beautiful than the other, my personal favorite was watching the sunset on top of a hill with celtic music in the background :'D Apart from the wind it was almost perfect! We also spent about an hour in Portree, which is the biggest city on the island, where some of us bought cakes from a REALLY cheap bakery and some of us checked out the small stores. Later in the evening we spent some time in front of the fire, toasting marshmallows and chatted away before we went to this one pub to have a late snack/food. I shared a small haggis with Ellie and Ella(Brazil) and it wasn't bad but I wouldn't eat it again... After an hour or so we went to another pub but only stayed until the singer sang "500 miles" since that was the song we listened to like a houndred times during the trip!
Wednesday: After packing our things and ourselves into the minibus we said goodbye to Skye and headed back towards Edinburgh. On our way we stopped to taste what was suppose to be the best fish'n'chips in Scotland or UK(don't remembered) and yes it was delicious! Another place we visited was Glen coe, a very pretty valley, where Hagrid's cottage had been! We drew pass the spot but the house wasn't there since people stole things from it but still :D Didn't get a picture though :/ Hamish, the hairy cow, also got a visit from us as did a memorial field at the bottom of Ben Nevis. We came back to Edinburgh around 17 o clock and half of the group stayed at the hostel Castle Rock while the other half went with trains or to other hostels.
Thursday: I woke up around 8 in the morning, had breakfast etc and then met Ellie for a walk up to Calton Hill. She left at 13 so I went to this other hostel I booked not far from the other one. After settling in I paid Camera Obscura a visit. That is kind of a interactive illusion museum, very cool, I can recommend it :D When I came out from there it started to get dark so I wandered towards my hostel, pick up dinner on the road and then spend the evening in my room, which I shared with five other girls although the first night there were only me and a girl from Peru.
Friday: After breakfast I walked to Dean Village, a small industrial neighbourhood by river Leith(as in the movie "Sunshine on Leith"!) and then to Royal Botanic Garden. Took another way back and found several nice individual shops :) I didn't do much this evening either, walking makes you tired!
Sathurday: This day I spent visiting The national Gallery, national museum of Scotland, Royal Mile, Greyfried's kirkyard and a few stores. I've never been to a gallery before and wasn't really my thing... The museum was really good with lots to see and do. On the 7th floor there is a roof terrace overlooking the city :) At the cementrary you can find the gravestone of Thomas Riddle aka Lord Voldemort! JK Rowling got most of her inspiration to HP from Scotland, which I didn't knew. There is this private school on the other side of the cementrary which is the original Hogwarts :) This evening I packed my things and read a magazine I bought.
Sunday: Left Edinburgh at 9 in the morning, positive to go back there hopefully soon :) At 11.30 I arrived in York where I spent about five hours just wandering around in the centre. I will have to go back there and stay a bit longer cause it was a very nice and cute city :)
I had a blast going to Scotland and I strongly recommend everyone to do that and I also really recommend to go on a tour with Macbackpackers! Our guide, Duncan, was very funny and knowledgable and you meet people from all over the world!
Me and Fish(nickname ofc!)
No Nessie :(
Eilean Donan Castle and no it is not snow, it's rain ;)
Legend has it that if you drown your face into the river for 10 seconds you will look young for the next couple of years!
Portree Harbour
Portree Harbour
From left: Me, Duncan, Ellie, Fish and Ella
Fairy Glen - where the fairys live!
Sheep waiting for the bus!
Glen Coe
Edinburgh seen from Calton Hill
Edinburgh Castle
Mirror room at Camera Obscura
Funny painting haha!
Greyfriar's Bobby - A dog who wouldn't leave his owner's grave for 14 years! Now that is loyalty!
Picture from the hostel Castle Rock
Me as an asian person
Dean Village
Dean Village
National Gallery
Their slogan is "The birthplace of Harry Potter"
National Museum

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Wow, så otroligt fint!! :D Ser verkligen ut att vara vackert där :) Verkar som du haft en riktigt bra resa, kul att läsa om :) Mamma och pappa har också varit i Skottland, de var också vid Loch Ness, annars vet jag inte riktigt vart dom var men iaf i Aberdeen tror jag :) Och korna var riktigt söta, haha älskar dom! mammas kompis har sådana :)

2013-11-05 @ 14:37:22

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