We're getting there!

Now I'm sitting here in my flat which still is far from finished but it finally looks decent with some furniture. These past two days has been really hectic with fitting eveything into our schedule. The major problem so far has been drilling into the concrete wall to get some curtains. First, neither my mum or I have the advantage of our height, secondly, the drill was sooooo bad which isn't that strange when there are 664 other people here sharing that drill... After 3 hours we managed to do 10/12 holes and then we had to return the drill. Today one of my mum's friends are coming over to help us with the last two holes and perhaps make some in the roof as well as there is nothing to attach the lamps to. Later we'll try to squeeze in some sightseeing.
Yesterday we had lunch we two of mum's collegues/friends and afterwards they dropped us of at the main building at the school where we went to the reception to ask about multicard(access to buildings after closing time/library card etc) and this man who worked there came to show us how the machine works where you do it and was so kind so he made my card straight away, otherwise I would have to wait a week before collecting it! This meant that I could start borrowing books at the library in school, which was a big relief since I don't have any of the books. If I had gotten my card next week all the books would probably had been lended already so thank you!
Have to stop writing now since my hallway is filled with trash and our visitor is coming soon :)

Next chapter of my life

As we speak, mum and I are only hours away from catching the bus, then flight to Malmö where I will spend the next three years of my life. I have never been there but I've heard that it's a very nice and beautiful city with a multicultured population and lots to see and do. For those of you who doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about, here's an update: I'm moving to Malmö for studies, the program I was accepted to is called "Architecture, visualization and communication" and even though it sounds fancy it's basically digital architecture and how to present your work. It's very difficult to find a place to live in the bigger cities but I have been very lucky to receive a one room flat with bathroom and pentry kitchen in a big house only for students. Therefore, I will only be able to live there if I keep up with my studies ;) I borrowed these pictures from the website although I have one picture of my own but not on this computer! 
My flat is not red like this one, only white. No furniture either.
Hopefully I will like it there :) As I said, we're travelling today, will arrive tonight so we'll stay at a hotel and tomorrow we're going to buy furniture and all things necessary for a small household. Mum knows some people down there so on Friday they have invited us for lunch and I hope we'll have time to visit the school and perhaps do some sightseeing. It is all very exciting but ofcourse I'm a bit said about saying goodbye to friends and family. Since my mum is leaving on Sunday you are very welcome to call, text or skype me because I will probably feel alone and sad!! School starts on Monday and the older students has arranged after school activities for the next two weeks so there will be possibilites for us newbies to get tot know eachother. I will try to do some blogging during my time here but at the moment I have no idea how busy I will be so we'll see ;) 
That's all for now, byebye Skellefteå, Hello Malmö!