16-20th of October I went to visit Jo and Sarah in England and it was good to be back! Felt a bit strange though since someone else moved into "my room"... I got to meet my replacement, Vappu, a girl from Finland who was very funny and lovely to be around :)
The day I arrived we didn't do much, just enjoyed eachothers company and caught up with stories about life. The next day Vappu and I went to St Neots to meet Irena, a Czech au pair I use to hang out with, for a chai latte in Costa(<3) and some window shopping. That morning Jo had been around to Pat's place to pickup Tuscan and then found out that Pat turned 70 the nex day! We had planned to surprise her with dinner that evening but had no idea it was her birthday so we had to change our plans a bit. Vappu and I made a Swedish/Finnish birthday cake, which we, according to basically everyone, could have sold for several pounds! If I don't find a job in the future I have an option in opening a cake business in Brampton ;) After St Neots the hairdresser Jenny waited outside our door to cut my hair, decided to go with a sort of fringe for a change. After cooking all the food, baking ginger bread biscuits and done the cake we were ready to welcome our guests( Mr X and Pat). When Pat knocked on the front door I sneaked out through the back and around to the front, waited a few seconds and then knocked. Jo told Pat to get it and boy was she surprised to see me!! haha that moment was so fantastic! When we had calmed down we ate and had a fabulous evening with games, laughter and chats.
Next day we started with going to Sarah's trampolining session which lasted for an hour, then lunch and then Cambridge, did some shopping(see picture) and had dinner at Bill's, probably the coolest and most random resturant I've ever been to but love it to go there people! We came back around 20 and spent the rest of the evening with hairfiddling and x factor(?) :)
Sunday, nice weather, begun day with dogwalk with Pat and Tuscan then visit to Anglesey Abbey, a beutiful house with lovely surroundings and gardens. We had lunch when we arrived and the mandatory cream tea in the afternoon! We had to go via Cambridge on our way back since we unfortunately left Sarah's shopping bag in the resturant, luckily no one had taken it. Sarah and I wanted to go up on this hill I've seen everytime I arrived into Cambs with bus but still hadn't been to so we went there as the sun went down. Up there we met a guy who said he came up there sometimes to dance, quite unusal.... As we left the hill we could see him jumping around up there haha... Once back, Jo and Sarah watched some Coronation Street while I packed my bag. Nope I did not fit everything in my bag and will have to go back there (Oh no.. ;) ) Some more hair fiddling before bed and then up again at 03.40 to go to Stansted! Thank you for a lovely trip, see you again soon!
Sarah in action
Anglesey Abbey
Can't stop jumping
Kings and queens from houndred years ago cut their names into the glass of this window, kinda cool!
Sorroundings of Anglesey Abbey
Shopping :D
Vappu and I creating magic in the kitchen
The result
Me, Jo, Joyce, Vappu and Sarah!


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