Family visits

In April my dad, my stepmother and my sister came to visit me in England. We stayed 3 days in London where we strolled through Hyde Park, had dinner at a medival resturant, discovered Portobello Market, did some shopping and enjoyed ourselves. On the Saturday Sarah joined us and it didn't take long until she and Maja were "best friends" as they said haha! We visited The Natural History Museum, had lunch in Hyde Park and then met up with Jo on King's Cross to go back to Huntingdon. In the evening we had a delicious meal at The Brampton Mill before we headed back to our house to get a good night's sleep. The day after we cycled into town, walked around a bit and then caught the bus to Cambridge for a day out. The weather was lovely but we had to go back since dad and Eva Lena(stepmother) were going to cook dinner at home. The evening we spent talking and watching a show Maja and Sarah set up, very interesting! Monday was a exciting day for Maja cause she was going to be with Sarah at school without anyone to help her with the language! Meanwhile the rest of us cycled to Hotel Chocolate where they had a massive sale :D Their chocolate is so tasty(unfortunately!). We collected the girls at 3.20pm and Maja had made several new friends and she seemed really happy. After leaving school outfit and bags at home we walked to Frosts(resturant/shop nearby) where we had cream tea(tea+scone). Jo was working late so before she came back we had dinner at The Black Bull, then some more socializing and packing. At 4am the next morning they were picked up by a taxi and began their journey back home. It's always nice to have family and friends over so this was no exception, thank you :)
Went in The London Eye as well :)
The Medival Banquet - highly recommend it, most certainly unusual!

About a week later my mum came to visit me as well! This was her second visit and she now wanted to focus on the area where I live. Our first day we spent shopping and eating nice food in Cambridge. Since Sarah had been ill(appendix operation) the same week she and Jo were at home so we had a aday out with them in Stamford/Burghley House and gardens. Had never been to Stamford but wish I had known about it earlier cause it was such a beautiful town! We had dinner at an Italian resturant before we headed back home. The day after I think we spent wandering around Brampton and Huntingdon. Monday we caught the bus to a village called Houghton which was a really pretty place. Unfortunatley the only tearoom there was closed so our plan to have scones crashed but we had a walk around and even though the weather was typical English we had a nice time. In the evening we had dinner with Jo and Sarah at The Brampton Mill! Tuesday was departure day so I came with mum to Heathrow to say goodbye and then met up with Jenny for a few hours before going back. Thank you
Burghley House
Cutest house ever?!
My beautiful mother in the sunset!
Enjoying the pudding at Brampton Mill :D


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